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Marsh is passionate about creating happy & inspiring artwork. Stella & Logan are his inspiration and he hopes to make them proud by spreading the LOVE and sparking joy!


Why love? 


The goal of my art is to make people happy. I want to capture the feeling you get when you look at something and smile (inside and out). What better way to do that than through LOVE? My hope is that seeing the word love will spark even the tiniest bit of joy. Love can also mean something slightly different to each person, which is why I find intrigue in the uniqueness of each piece. I find true satisfaction in imagining my paintings in your home, office, or business and the joy it might bring to each of its viewers. No matter their status or background or interest in art, I hope when they see the word LOVE spread across the painting, they can’t help but smile. Making art makes me happy, and so does spreading LOVE to others. 

"Find the perfection in the imperfections" - Marsh

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